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11 More Levels
Take Borderlands 2 to the Next Level

The Ultimate Vault Hunter's Upgrade lets you get the most out of the Borderlands 2 experience. This pack includes level increases up to level 61. Play through the game again with access to new weapons, gear and more.

Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack

  • Raises level cap to 61, allowing characters to gain 11 additional levels.
  • Characters gain a skill point with every level from 51 to 61, for a total of 11 more skill points.
  • Powerful new "Ancient" E-Tech relics and rare Pearlscent-grade weapons can be picked up in
    Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode.
  • Free with Season Pass, $4.99 / 400 Microsoft Points separately

Purchase the Ultimate Vault Hunter's Pack for 400 Microsoft® Points on Xbox LIVE® for Xbox 360® or $4.99 on the PlayStation® Store for PlayStation®3.

Visit or to purchase Ultimate Vault Hunter's Pack if you own a retail PC version of Borderlands 2.

Please note: This is add-on content; Borderlands®2 required to play. This content is part of the Season Pass and will be available to Season Pass purchasers in game upon release. If you own the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, do not purchase this content, or you will be charged again.